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Our Mission

We are committed to the transformation of India
one life at a time.

Disaster Relief

India's dense population and economic diversity make the human toll of disaster great.

Bore Wells

Millions in India do not have access to clean water.
Entire communities can benefit from a single well.

Good Life Schools

Good Life Schools give poor children a top-notch education while exposing them to Jesus.

Raju Gets a Smile


Raju has suffered socially and developmentally for years because of the a gap in his upper jaw and large, out-turned lip. The lip revealed teeth and gums that were badly deformed.
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Read Kavitha's Story


We first met Kavitha through VBS, where she eventually committed herself to Christ. Kavitha faces many challenges at home because of her commitment.
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Sponsor a Student
Children of the very poor Dalit population have little hope of ever attending a school or getting even the most basic schooling that we in America take for granted. Many poor children will spend an average of 21 hou
Tuesday March 11, 2014
Good Life Clubs
Imagine for a moment that you were born in India. Imagine you live in a small 6x8 hut put together with poles, thin bamboo and a heavy tarp to keep out the rain. Over time it starts falling apart and so temporary fix
Tuesday September 17, 2013
Kavitha's Story
My Name is Kavitha. I am in the 8th grade. I have been to VBS several times. My family beat me the first time I went to VBS. I loved hearing the stories and singing the songs so I went back.This year I made a commitm
Tuesday September 17, 2013

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